Tile Upgrades Its Bluetooth Tracking Gear With Tile Pro

By James O Malley on at

Are you paranoid about losing stuff? Then you'll probably have already throughly researched Tile. This is a small bluetooth fob that sits on your keyring, in your wallet, or stuck to whatever is important to you - and will enable you to track it from your phone. The company has been around for a few years now, but today the company has officially unveiled its latest product: Tile Pro.

The way it works is like other Tile products: It uses bluetooth LE to ping your phone - and you can either use the app to make it ring, or you can press a button on your Tile to make your phone ring if you've lost your phone but got your tile. It also supports Tile's "community" features - whereby if you lose your stuff, you can mark it as lost on the app, and if someone else's Tile app picks up your Tile, it'll send you a notification saying where your stuff is.

The Pro model comes in a couple of flavours: the "Pro Sport" is grey, and looks slightly industrial, and the "Pro Style" is white and gold, and looks like it is designed to fit in with the sorts of fancy handbags that are sold at airports. Inside though, both are the same and improve upon the Tile Mate: With bluetooth range increased to 200ft, have doubled the maximum volume on the built in speaker, and are also IP68 rated for waterproof, so you can even use Tile to track stuff underwater.

The increased range could also make the community tracking more useful: Now your Tile will be more likely to be picked up by devices further afield.

The app is also receiving an update with the launch of the Pro. In addition to using sound to locate your tile, there's now also on-screen visuals in the form of pulsating concentric circles, that will glow based on proximity, so you can wave your phone around doing the "warmer... warmer... colder..." thing. Tile also says that it is adding support for Amazon's Alexa platform, so if you're panicking about your missing keys in the morning you can literally scream in despair, and have Alexa help you find them.

Essentially then, it sounds like a pretty nifty update.

The Pro Sport and Pro Style are available from today for £29.99 each - or £49.99 for a double pack of both. You can also still pick up the older Tile Mate for just £22.99.