Titchmarsh Prepares to Chain Himself to the Queen's Tree Over Road Battle

By Gary Cutlack on at

A plan to expand access to the M25 is coming under pressure from garden enthusiasts, with king dominant male gardener Alan Titchmarsh leading the charge against the proposals.

Highways England wants to make things nicer in Surrey for all the Audi drivers heading off to their spare houses for the weekend, so it's planning to widen the A3 where it connects to the M25. This, sadly, might mean wiping out 500 or so classic old trees, with a bank that includes some redwoods, other rare species and one planted by the Queen in 1977 under threat of being turned into woodchip and lovely flat tarmac.

There are two options being considered by Highways England, and Alan Titchmarsh and the operators of the Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley gardens hope one that doesn't require the chainsawing of loads of carefully planned woodland is chosen.

Titchmarsh fumed: "We must stand together and protect our gardens. I'm calling on the UK's army of 27 million gardeners to make it known that a disregard for these important trees and lack of appreciation of the national importance of this garden would not be acceptable."

There is, of course, a petition to try to make it stop. [BBC]

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