Too Lazy to Walk Your Dog? This Drone Will Do it For You

By Kim Snaith on at

Maybe you already use a drone for general tomfoolery, perhaps a spot of aerial photography, or maybe just feeling like a boss in control of a flying robot. But what about for walking your dog?

Proflight has just announced a new gizmo to its lineup: the Walkies Dog Drone. So now, on those cold, blustery mornings when Rover just won't let you stay in bed, you can hook him up to the drone, send him out the door, and crawl back under the covers.

While I'm not sure I'd ever entrust a robotic device with my beloved canine tethered to it, the Phantom 4 Dog Drone allows you to set a route via GPS and comes complete with a live action camera so you can track poochie's progress on his futuristic walkies. A retractable dog lead and an automated altitude setting are in place too, presumably so Rover doesn't get flown off into outer space.

Call me old fashioned, but I'd personally recommend just sticking to the old-fashioned dog-walking method of doing it yourself. But if you do, for some reason, want to entrust a drone to do it for you, the Dog Drone will set you back a tidy £2,000.

Just watch out for the police, because flying a drone out of your direct line of sight is technically a crime. [DronesDirect]

Update 17/08/2017: The previous version of this article stated DJI as the product manufacturer, as did the original press release. We've been told the manufacturer is actually Proflight, so the article has been updated to reflect that. That's if such a dog drone even actually exists, anyway...

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