Uber launches New Driver Features in the UK, Including Tipping

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week Uber announced that was launching an in-app chat-service to let drivers and passengers better communicate. This week it's revealed that a bunch more driver features are on the way - including tipping.

Tipping first came to Uber nearly two months ago, in response to driver backlash against how it operates. From tomorrow in-app tipping will go live in the UK, letting Uber users tip their drivers or UberEATS delivery-people.

Other features coming to the ride-hailing service include paid waiting time, which charges passengers an extra 20p a minute if the driver has to wait more than two minutes at the pick-up point. This is to ensure drivers don't unnecessarily sit around waiting for passengers, losing money in the progress. This logic has also reduced the charge-free cancellation time from five minutes down to two. The only exception to this is if the driver is running more than five minutes late. Both of these will arrive on 22nd August.

In addition to this drivers will be getting more choice over their passengers with the 'no thanks' button, and the option to stop receiving pick-up requests from UberX, UberXL, or UberEXEC if that's what they want. An added bonus is 'Driver Destinations', designed for drivers needing to head to specific area for whatever reason (like a doctor's appointment) letting them match up with passengers going the same way.

Finally Uber is rolling out changes to the rating system, making it fairer for drivers given low ratings for problems beyond their control. These ratings will be removed from the overall rating, which Uber hopes will offer a more accurate view of the service each driver offers.

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