Virgin East Coast is Halving the Price of Over 500,000 Tickets

By Tom Pritchard on at

Trains are expensive, there's no doubt about that, but Virgin East Coast is doing something about that. Not permanently, but it is slashing prices of over 500,000 tickets between now and 28th August.

The tickets themselves will be discounted by up to 50 per cent, but only if you're travelling between 11th September and 20th December. So you can't grab yourself a cheap bank holiday getaway this weekend, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself in a month's time.

It's worth mentioning that this sale only applies to Virgin East Coast, and not regular Virgin Trains that goes up the west side of the country. You can buy Virgin tickets on the Virgin East Coast website as well, so be careful. If you're travelling to or from London the easiest way to make the distinction is that Virgin Trains goes to Euston, and Virgin East Coast goes to Kings Cross. It might be difficult to mix them up, since Virgin Trains tickets are currently significantly more expensive.

While I had a bit of trouble getting onto the Virgin East Coast website due to high traffic, it looks like you can still take advantage of the sale on third-party websites like The Trainline - though you will have to pay a booking fee with them. Railcard discounts don't seem to be affected either, which could save you even more money if you have one. Open return tickets don't seem to be getting a discount though, so if you want to take advantage buying two singles seems to be the way to go.

The tickets are in limited supply, and are likely to sell out, so if you have plans to get away make sure to be quick about booking. [Metro]

Imaghe: Aubrey Mondarte/Flickr

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