Walkers' Latest Marketing Stunt Involves Threatening to Ditch Classic Flavours

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lots of companies resort to marketing stunts to try and gain publicity, and Walkers Crisps is the latest. It's launching a new vote dubbed 'Choose Me or Lose Me', which will apparently decide which flavours it's going to stop selling.

Salt & Vinegar is going up against Lime & Black Pepper, Prawn Cocktail against Paprika, and Smokey Bacon against Bacon & Cheddar. Votes can be cast each day, though they only account for 20 per cent of the final vote. The remaining 80 per cent will come from sales of each flavour, which is clearly not an attempt to make people buy more crisps.

At the end of the vote Walkers promises that the losing flavours will be gone forever.

That probably means the losers will disappear for a few months, and after people have been left to stew in their outrage for a few months Walkers will heroically bring them back in another big marketing campaign. You know, like that time they changed the name of Coco Pops, New Coke, or the type of chocolate in Creme Eggs. This stuff never sticks, and as we all know controversy gets a lot more attention than positivity.

The outrage has already begun, with social media users already threatening a boycott is Walkers ditches the classic flavours - particularly Salt & Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail. So it looks like Walkers is getting exactly what it wanted.

Promotional packs are already in shops, and online voting opens on Monday - running until 22nd October. [London Evening Standard]

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