Watch The Sandman Fan Film That Earned Neil Gaiman's Stamp Of Approval

By Cheryl Eddy on at

Even with the success of American Gods, we still may never get a Sandman movie or even a TV series. But Neil Gaiman diehards need not despair completely because there's a new fan film that pays impressively exacting tribute to one of Sandman's most brutal instalments.

Image: Vimeo

It's "24 Hours", originally published in 1989, and faithfully translated into live-action (with a few brief animation sequences) by Toronto-based filmmakers Evan Henderson and Nick Brown. It's called Sandman: 24 Hour Diner, and if its 30-minute runtime gives you pause, know that Gaiman himself told the creators, and the world via Twitter, that he thought it was a job very well done.

(Note: Fans of the comic will already have assumed as much, but this is most definitely NSFW.)

For more on Sandman: 24 Hour Diner, check out the film's Facebook page.