Would You Like Rights With That? McDonald's UK Staff Could Strike for the First Time

By Tom Pritchard on at

40 McDonald's workers from two restaurants (one on Cambridge and the other in Crayford) are on the road to going on strike, after the Bakers', Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) announced it was balloting members. If that ballot is successful, it'll be the first time any of the fast food giant's employees have gone on strike in the UK.

The union says its been left with no alternative following allegations of bullying and reduced hours. Workers are apparently also fed up with zero-hour contracts, and despite the promise of guaranteed hours the union claims employees have been forced out of their home after they were unable to pay rent. Striking workers will also call for a £10 wage, and the right for employees to unionise.

Tom Holliday, a McDonald's worker at the Cambridge store, told VICE:

"We are asking to be treated with dignity and to be paid a decent wage. McDonald's must consider reinvesting its huge amount of net profits back into its work force. "

McDonald's employees in the UK seem to be taking inspiration from their US colleagues, who have been campaigning for a $15 per hour wage for quite some time.

Shen Batmaz, a McDonald's worker at Crayford, said:

"This strike in the UK is part of a global movement advocating for fair salaries and decent working conditions. McDonald's should listen to all its employees around the world."

McDonald's contacted VICE with their own statement, saying:

"We can confirm that the BFAWU are balloting a small number of our employees about possible industrial action. We have been told that the dispute is solely related to our internal grievance procedures.

We are proud of our people at McDonald's, they are at the heart of all we do and we work hard to ensure that our teams are treated fairly. Our internal processes underpin that commitment. "


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