Xbox One X Pre-Order Details Will Arrive This Weekend

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you were paying attention during E3, you'll have seen Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. The 4K edition of the Xbox One is will be available on 7th November, with a hefty £450 price tag. If that price doesn't put you off, you might want to pay attention this weekend. Because Microsoft is revealing the first pre-order details at Gamescom on Sunday night.

That's 8pm BST on Sunday night for people too lazy to work out time zone conversions. The Verge's Tom Warren claims that pre-orders will also go live as soon as the event is over.

That's provided people are actually going to bother pre-ordering the console. Unlike, say, a Nintendo console that sells out within five minutes, it's unlikely that Microsoft will suffer from a shortage of Xbox One X consoles. It could also be a broken block of crap, and you won't know until the review embargo breaks shortly before release. What I'm basically saying is pre-order at your own risk, because it's not really necessary.

Still it'll be nice to get a range of launch titles for the console, even if it's not technically a brand-spanking-new piece of kit.

We're not going to be covering Gamescom in great detail here at Giz UK, so if you want the full scoop of everything that goes down make sure to go and visit our good friends at Kotaku UK. [TechRadar]

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