Yes, the Eclipse Caused a Dip in PornHub Traffic Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week people in the US were going eclipse crazy. So crazy, in fact, that Netflix claims it lost 10 per cent of its streaming traffic while it was happening. The real question on everyone's minds, however, is did it affect PornHub? Well I decided to ask, and after crunching the numbers PornHub determined that yes it did.

Apparently the drop in traffic was the lowest PornHub has seen in many years. Good for you, eclipse.

As you can see the majority of the US saw a decline in smut-watching in favour of sun-watching, particularly in the states that were lucky enough to see a total eclipse. Although both Tennessee and South Carolina let themselves get beaten by non-eclipse states like Texas and South Dakota. Clearly they feel porn stars are more important than our own local star getting briefly usurped by the moon. Or maybe it was cloudy and people needed something else to take their minds off the crushing disappointment.

But look at Wyoming with its 54 per cent drop in traffic. I wonder what that was about?

I did ask PornHub if there were any eclipse-related searches in the run-up to the big event, but they didn't give me any information that. So I have to assume there weren't any that stood-out. But eclipse porn must exist right? There is porn of everything, whether people like it or not. [PornHub]

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