You Can Watch the UK's Largest Robot Championship at Insomnia Gaming Festival

By Tom Pritchard on at

Insomnia61, a gaming and tech-focused festival, is heading to the Birmingham NEC from 25th to 28th August, and today it's been announced that this year's event will see the return of the Robot Arena Championship - which is basically Robot Wars but without the cameras. It'll probably still have the awkward lack of Craig Charles, though.

Not only will the tournament feature an array of robots fighting for the top spot, there will also be a bunch of different demonstrations in the arena and a feature called 'Arrive and Drive'. That's where member of the audience can go head to head for 90 seconds, and try to kick some robot arse.

The Pit Arena is a separate are where fans can meet builders and robots up close, plus the exhibition area that features various famous robots - including Robot Wars' classic house 'bots.

The whole thing is making Editor James wish he wasn't on holiday while this is going on.

Also going on at Insomnia61 is the iSeries Drone Racing Grand Final, various game booths, virtual reality, esports, and more. There's also indoor camping, which sounds intriguing. Camping without the mud sounds like a great time. You can learn more here, and buy tickets here.

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