1990s SNES Magazine Makes a Comeback

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the UK's most beloved games magazines, second only to Sega Saturn Magazine of course, is about to return. Sort of. In a promotional capacity. It's 1990s Nintendo enthusiast favourite Super Play, and publisher Future is making a special one-off edition to get people excited about and/or advertise the existence of the SNES Classic Mini.

The magazine is to be bundled with the latest issue of old thing magazine Retro Gamer and, in exciting news for magazine collectors, is to be branded as issue number 48; meaning it continues on from the last 47th issue of the games mag that was published back in 1996. We suspect Nintendo may have paid for it to be made as an advert for the SNES Mini, but don't let that put you off.

Also continuing is the tradition of an illustrated cover by artist Will Overton, plus lots of old men who used to work on the magazine at the time have been dragged off Twitter to put their names to reviews of SNES Mini games. Easy work. [Nintendo Life]