2017 Football/Poppy Scandal Averted

By Gary Cutlack on at

There won't be any shocking headlines about the footballing authorities demanding Our Boys stop wearing poppies on their football shirts this year, as the governing trough-eaters at FIFA have lifted the long-running ban on displaying anything other than money-paying sponsors on team shirts.

So the customary November tabloid outrage about England or Scotland or Wales being told their players are not allowed to wear poppy badges -- but doing it anyway and incurring a fine -- won't happen this year.

FIFA says the amended agreement covering the outlawing of "political statements" such as the wearing of a poppy asks teams to seek approval from their opponents and competition organisers before going ahead with the wearing of a poppy armband, which shouldn't be too hard to get as it's only a little flower designed to show that we remember the deaths of millions of people.

2017 is a particularly good year for this change to be made, as the international friendlies in November's remembrance window may include one between England and Germany, in which the non-wearing of a poppy by England or the banning of such an act by FIFA may have been a little incendiary. [BBC]