Alcohol-Free Budweiser Coming to the UK for Today's Millennial Lightweights

By Gary Cutlack on at

Do you turn into a monster after three pints? Are you too scared to get drunk because your mobile phone cost £700 and you really don't want to leave it in a taxi or a urinal? Is everyone realising that beer doesn't actually taste... nice? Whatever the reason, drinking alcohol seems to be falling out of favour among the youth, hence this -- Budweiser Prohibition.

It's an alcohol-free beer you can drink all night without getting drunk and without exposing yourself to life-altering levels of caffeine and aspartame, as it's brewed using the same recipe as the standard brain-bending Bud but, somehow, with the alcoholic part removed.

The UK division of brewer AB InBev says Budweiser Prohibition is to arrive in the UK later this year. [Bar Magazine]

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