Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar Will Have You Fat and Lazy Before Christmas Even Starts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Forget the Lego one this year, as adults who like the idea of having a small glass of wine for breakfast have an amazing new advent calendar option -- one that comes with a glass of wine every day.

It's the product of supermarket Aldi, which has filled a huge box with miniature 200ml bottles of red, white and rosé wines offered by the shop, as part celebration of the coming of Christmas, part advert for the wines it sells, and part excuse for parents to start drinking in bed throughout December as the dread of the festive period sets in.

It'll cost £49 and hits the chain's central aisles of fun on November 14, so queue early and expect a mini riot of middle-aged mums to break out. [MEN]

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