Alton Towers Sells Old Art, Signs and Log Flume Boats

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ever wanted your own log flume? That dream can come true now, subject to local planning approval, as theme park Alton Towers is selling off some of its outdated stock of log flume boats.

They're being flogged as part of a series of charity auctions, which are also selling off old artwork, signs about not bumping your head, one you could put in your bedroom, some quite nice maps and mirrors and more, with the proceeds all going to the park's owners' Merlin's Magic Wand charity, an effort that supports disabled and disadvantaged children. So you can have a log flume car for the garden, and some kids get a treat. Win-win.

The log flume boats have some cosmetic damage and are a bit mouldy in places from sitting outside unused for years, and you have to pick them up as you can't get boats in the post, but still. A little bit of history to slowly decompose in your outside space. [eBay via Alton Towers]

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