Amazon's Echo Show is now Available to Pre-Order in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this year Amazon released the Echo Show in the US, offering an Echo/Alexa device that came with a touchscreen display. As is the way, the Show wasn't available in the UK when it first launched. Thankfully that has now changed.

Following all the new Echo-related announcements in Seattle last night, the retail giant has made the Show available to pre-order in the UK for £200. It's also available in Germany for €220 if anyone is interested. It's available in two colours (grey and silver) and will be released on 16th November.

The Show is basically just an Echo with a touchscreen, using that screen to display a never-ending view of your calendar, to-dos, weather, and relevant news of the day. On top of that it can stream video (except from YouTube), and lets you take part in voice and video calls with other Echo Show owners.

Plus, like the Echo, it can link up with certain smart home devices that you might own - putting that screen to good use by letting you view security camera feeds and other similar things.

Amazon is just going to let the Echo Show arrive without any UK-centric features, though, and has announced a number of different partners that have created their own Alexa skills for the device. Those partners include Just Eat, National Rail, BBC News, MTV, 7Digital, Sky Sports Super 6 and Liverpool FC.

One more thing! If you order two, using the code SHOW2PACK will save you £100 on the final total. [Engadget]

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