App Marketing Stunt Gets DIY Coder Actual Job With Jaguar

By Gary Cutlack on at

Back at the beginning of the summer, something weird involving Jaguar Land Rover, the band Gorillaz, and an coding app was launched. "Try our coding puzzle app," they said, "it could get you a job." And for one fortunate man, it just has.

The fortunate man is 23-year-old Daniel Dunkley, who was working as a machinery operator at a local quarry at the time, with his coding skills saved for a bit of fun in the evening. Now he's a fancy software engineer for Jaguar Land Rover after beating the coding challenge that was inserted into the official app of, for some reason, the band Gorillaz.

Beating the app's challenge lets applicants skip the company's complete doofus screening-out process and leads to some applicants being invited straight in for an interview. And Dunkley didn't even have to put some nice trousers on for the first chat, as he explained: "I read about the coding challenge set by Jaguar Land Rover and Gorillaz on BBC News and decided to have a go. We did the interview by Google Chat then I was invited to Gaydon to talk about my new job. It completely blew me away that I didn’t have to fill out any application forms."

In the Jaguar press release on the matter, Daniel then says he's excited about maybe getting to work on the next-gen Land Rover Defender, a vehicle that may well be revealed in 2018. [Land Rover]

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