Apple's Promising a Fix for the iPhone 8's In-Call Static

By Tom Pritchard on at

I feel like it wouldn't be an iPhone launch if there wasn't some sort of problem that needed to be fixed, and the iPhone 8 has just that. Some users have reported hearing static coming from the earpiece during calls and Facetime chats, and Apple has promised a fix is on the way.

Speaking to The Verge, Apple confirmed the issue wasn't imaginary and that a "small number of users" had been experiencing the problem. According to the fruit-giant a fix is on the way, and will be part of a future iOS update.

“We are aware of the issue which is affecting customers in a small number of cases,” an Apple spokesperson said. “Our team is at work on a fix, which will be included in an upcoming software release.”

While Apple claims the issue only affects a "small number" there have been plenty of posts on sites like Reddit, MacRumors, and Apple's own support forum complaining about the issue. The cause of the problem doesn't seem to be clear, since the static isn't consistently present on all calls, though it apparently doesn't occur when the user is on speakerphone. The glitch also seems to be quite widespread, affecting users regardless of which network they're on or which country they're based in.

Here's a video showcasing the issue. It doesn't seem like much, but listen to it carefully and you should be able to hear some faint static-like clicking.

Not completely detrimental to the call, but once you hear it there's no unhearing it.

According to MacRumors Apple released iOS 11.1 this morning, though it doesn't seem to have fixed the static problem. It hasn't revealed a timeline for the fix, but considering it does tend to release a number of quick successive updates following the launch of new devices and new versions of iOS. Hopefully users who couldn't stand to wait for their upgrade won't have to wait very long. [The Verge via MacRumors]