BA Pilots Tugged Off Electrically

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Airways has a new tech thing that's a little bit interesting, with a few of its short-haul bays at Heathrow now featuring electric tugs to push planes out of the gate and into the scary world of the runway. The plan is to roll them and their charging bays out across the country by the end of the year.

The airline now has five Mototok electric plane shufflers in operation at Terminal 5, with the battery operated vehicles good for three days on a charge and controlled remotely by a staff member with a handheld device. Apparently they're a bit more precise than the old diesel tugs, plus being battery operated means BA can claim to be better for the planet than rival airlines with their old mechanised oil pushers.

Heathrow's sustainability boss Matt Gorman said: "Mototoks are an essential part of our sustainability strategy, Heathrow 2.0, and its goals to reduce emissions from our airside activities. Together with innovative partners like British Airways we are bringing new electric and hybrid vehicles and charging points to the airport to make a tangible, positive difference in our local environment." [BA]

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