BAE Systems Plans Future AR Glasses for the Military

By Gary Cutlack on at

BAE Systems is hoping that the wars of the future won't all be fought by madmen pressing big red buttons from within mountain hideouts, as it's still developing hardware for troops to wear on the ground. Including in the pipeline right now a set of augmented reality glasses that would/could overlay mission critical information atop the real world, like those clever Apple AR demos but with targets sights and ammo remaining displays.

BAE says the idea at the moment is to create a system that resembles a normal pair of glasses rather than some chunky Metal Gear-style headset, using "free-space tracking technology" to show guidance system data, targeting information, sensor feedback and lives remaining* and shield health** to the wearer.

The tech demo shows a wearer seeing red rectangles laid atop the heads of people deemed bad, a system that IDs aircraft, and other directional data, which must be a better system to use in a future war zone than getting your phone out and trying to get Google Maps to load on the shaky North Korean 3G network.

BAE's Rob Merryweather said: "We're developing the building blocks needed to create the smallest, brightest, and toughest AR display glasses available. The next stage will be transitioning that technology into the end products our customers want and need -- be it soldiers, commercial pilots, or emergency responders. So far, the feedback has been very positive."

*Always 1.

** In development.