Bill Nye Is Totally Chill About What's Happening in This Lift

By Tom McKay on at

There’s making an entrance and then there’s making an entrance. Beloved US science educator Bill Nye made one of the latter recently while he was just trying to get between floors.

A group of swimsuit-wearing young women were recently trying to twerk in a Las Vegas lift on September 22nd when they were interrupted not by security, but a somewhat sheepish-looking Nye, who wandered in wearing a purple blazer.

Per the International Business Times, Savanah Prosch and her crew told Storyful that Nye “wasn’t expecting to see a bunch of girls try to pretend like they weren’t just doing something he definitely saw,” but was totally chill about the situation as the group was stunned into silence:

He was “super nice and polite though” and even “asked if we wanted pictures,” Prosch said.

For posterity’s sake, here’s the video remixed with the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song:

There’s probably a number of much more embarrassing things Nye could walk in on you doing in Las Vegas, but hey, the dude’s seen some wacky stuff over the years.

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