Brexit Bus Repurposed to Advertise Banking App

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Brexit Bus has a new temporary owner, with financial app Monese taking control of it to promote some weird thing to do with international money transfers that we'll probably never understand, let alone use.

The idea is, Monese is launching in Europe, and to celebrate this fact it's decided to remove the fees on transactions it makes up to the vale of... €350m. That's the same number as promised/lied by the disastrous old Brexit Bus, although Monese has given is a crisp blue paintjob and changed pounds to euros to avoid being too closely aligned with a gigantic, historical piece of fiction.

Both parties need an account with Monese in order to use the free transfer system. The mobile bank is aimed at the immigrant and ex-pat market without even a valid UK address needed to open an account, hence free EU transfers might be a big deal to its users. [Monese]

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