Bristol Wants an Underground Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bristol's mayor is imagining the future of his city right now, and guess what he sees? Trains. Trains going underground, so people can get to, like, the airport, without too much stress.

Actually building an underground system from scratch, of course, is complicated and expensive. Salvation of a sort could come from Bristol's existing network of abandoned old tunnels, some of which the mayor thinks could be refitted and used for a new cross-city rail network that would link the airport with Temple Meads train station, which has to be a good idea as that's how people tend to travel.

Mayor Marvin Rees expects the project to cost as much as £2.5bn, with an initial expenditure of £50,000 being put aside for a feasibility study, along with a pot of £3m that would be used to examine the rock beneath the city to see if it's diggable, plus to check if existing tunnels are big and strong and fat enough to have trains go in them.

Speaking to the BBC, the mayor said: "We need a mass transit scheme for Bristol, we've known that for decades. Some of it will be over ground, some underground -- it's about connecting the key communities and economic areas." [BBC]

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