Brompton Recalls All Bikes Made in the Last Three Years

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bike maker Brompton has been metaphorically knocked into the kerb by the dirty white van of fate, as it's been forced to recall all of the bikes it made over the last three years.

That's 144,000 of the folding bikes, which need to be brought back in to have the bottom bracket -- the bit the pedals go through down at the underneath there -- replaced. It's quite a stroke of bad luck for the company, which says as few as one in 5,000 bikes have so far reported a problem, but seeing as it's a problem that could jam up the pedals and suddenly throw a rider off, it's been deemed serious enough to warrant a full recall.

The specific part in question is the FAG Bottom Bracket cartridge, which users can check on the company's web site to see if they have, while listening to an apology and explanation from Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams. If a bike was built between April of 2014 and May 2017 it's going to need to be taken back to a retailer to have its bracket swapped out. [Brompton via Telegraph]