Car Drivers Should Start Doing the Dutch Reacharound

By Gary Cutlack on at

Campaign group Cycling UK is pressuring the UK government to copy another thing the Dutch do, suggesting that changing the Highway Code and driving test to incorporate the Dutch car door opening technique could save lives on the road. Specifically, it could save the lives of pedal and motor cyclists who are hefted off their bikes when car doors are opened by drivers on the traffic side of the vehicle.

They call it the Dutch Reach, and it's where the UK driver is taught to open the car door with his left hand, therefore twisting a bit and making it easier to check behind to see if there's a cyclist smashing it alongside the line of vehicles.

Cycling UK has apparently got a commitment from the Department for Transport to have a look at amending our road laws to include the offhand opening technique, despite the fact that the DfT has previously rejected the proposition. [BBC]

Image credit: YouTube