Chipping Norton Poshos Say No to Clarkson's Tent of Banter

By Gary Cutlack on at

Residents of the Cotswolds town of Chipping Norton have come out against Jeremy Clarkson's vehicular circus, with plans to erect his Grand Tour marquee of middle-age not going down so well with the locals.

The plan to ship in as many as 350 guests to attend filming -- and all the noisy cars these petrolheads associate with -- has been submitted to West Oxfordshire Council, which says show producer Chump Productions would like to be allowed to use a field to pitch its big old man tent in for as long as 13 weeks.

Locals would rather this didn't happen, as some foresee a few months of impromptu revving, late-night drag races and snarled up roads as a result. And things are bad enough there already, apparently, thanks in part to the moneyed folk of the southeast corner spending their evenings at local boozery Soho Farmhouse, parking all their Range Rovers about town to do so. [The Times]