Churchy Types Shocked by Cathedral's Role in Hellboy

By Gary Cutlack on at

The serene towers of Wells Cathedral have been disrupted by filming of late, with parishioners wondering what romantic costume drama perhaps starring Anna Friel, or sedate bakery programme presented by a nice old lady, is being filmed there. The truth, though, is horrifying. They've been shooting Hellboy. In a cathedral. Nazi demons. In a cathedral.

But it's all OK, according to the church's governors, as the plot of the film and its subtext isn't promoting Nazi demons in any way. There's a metaphor, a sort of deeper meaning behind Hellboy, one that vicars could use as a basis for one of those speeches they do.

A Wells Cathedral spokesperson explained that as long as you pay attention to the character development and plot and ignore the Nazi demon bit it's all just a bit of fun, saying: "His true nature is one of a hero and he becomes a defender against the forces of darkness. The eternal battle of good over evil which this story examines helps us to encourage an intelligent faith which does not hide from controversy and one that looks for the good inside people no matter their outward appearance." [The Times]

Image credit: Wells Cathedral

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