Classic Ladybird Books are This Month's Very Interesting New Stamps

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Ladybird books -- the proper old ones not the ironic/funny new ones -- are on the stamps of the UK now, as the Royal Mail's latest set immortalises some of the nation's favourite old illustrated books.

Such workhouse classics as The Postman and The Nurse are on one delightful little stamp, with another lovely stamp featuring fairytales like Cinderella and the Gingerbread Boy. Another really nice stamp celebrates the company's old simplistic educational, limited-word learning series, with other awesome stamps celebrating the historical series, one for the wildlife books and another glorious stamp showing off a few covers from the science collections.

Thomas Merrington, from current Ladybird brand owner Penguin Ventures, said: "We are always looking for new ways to bring the Ladybird Books Vintage Collection to wider audiences -- the original illustrations are an icon of British design and this stunning collection of stamp products from the Royal Mail will make a beautiful addition to collectors and fans of Ladybird Books."

They really are very nice stamps indeed. It's OK to say they look nice. Stamp collecting is definitely due a revival among the young people. [Royal Mail]

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