Costcutter Trials Vein-Reading Biometric Payment System

By Gary Cutlack on at

You might soon be able to pay by scanning some sort of veiny part of your body in at the supermarket till, with a trial backed by supermarket chain Costcutter using a bizarre gadget known as Fingopay to scan the veins of a... finger. Other body parts TBA.

Fingopay and Costcutter are demonstrating the technology in the labs of Brunel University, where users must first go through the fuss of linking a finger scan with an existing credit card before paying the with biometric vein pattern reader, thereby adding one extra layer of tedious administration beyond that of simply using your credit card to pay in the first place. Plus who wants to get mugged for a finger?

Apparently hundreds of students and staff at the university have been using the finger payment system, with Brunel's James Budkiewicz saying: "The real benefit is not having to queue at the ATM and not worry about losing cash or cards anymore. It reduces queuing at tills, and for retailers, it brings the ability to introduce loyalty schemes and reward customers for returning." [BBC]

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