Don't Fire Nerf Guns into People's Eyes, Says Doctor

By Kim Snaith on at

Doctors from a London eye hospital are warning that Nerf bullets - foam-like bullets fired from toy guns - can cause serious damage if they hit you in the eye.

It seems like something that shouldn't need a warning — don't fire things into someone's face — but patients continue to turn up at hospital with Nerf-related injuries. The bullets may be soft, but they can still do serious damage considering the force at which they're fired from the gun. Getting hit with one in the eye can cause pain around the eye socket, blurred vision and even internal bleeding.

While Hasbro, the manufacturer of Nerf guns, advises that only its own brand of bullets be used, lots of third party options are available, and they're usually at a cheaper price, meaning people are more likely to pick them up. The cheaper versions are often not so strictly tested and can be made from harder materials, so could do more damage.

Considering Nerf guns are products targeted at children from the age of eight, the fact they can cause such damage is a little concerning. If your kid has one, you may want to keep a pair of safety goggles at hand should they fire a little too close to your face. [BBC]

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