Don't Rip up Ancient Graves to Make Cute Little Stone Stacks

By Gary Cutlack on at

People amusing themselves outside is usually a good thing, but not in the case of a handful of people visiting Cornwall's Stowe's Hill area who have been tearing up an ancient settlement for a laugh.

Stowe's Hill is home to Stowe’s Pound, a neolithic site some 6,000 years old. To some, though, it looks like a pile of old rocks, because, well, it is, and as such visitors have taken to lifting a few rocks and stacking them up to make new, prettier piles of rocks they no doubt photograph, share on Instagram, then spend the next 45 minutes looking at to see the six likes come streaming in.

This is not good say lots of people in waterproof coats involved in looking after old things, with Daniel Ratcliffe from the local branch of Historic England explaining: "This movement of stones, whilst it may seem benign, is eroding the nationally protected archaeological features of the site as well as its local distinctiveness. We would encourage visitors to take only photographs of, and to leave only footprints at, this very precious and unique site."

Historic England further warns that prison could await anyone caught doing such things, should the local judge decide to make an example of some quirky modern rock-shifter who doesn't know any better. [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash

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