Dude Gets Drunk, Proceeds to Drive Stolen Golf Buggy to McDonald's. Because of Course he Does.

By Dave Meikleham on at

Everyone goes on a little bender now and then — I 'may' have lost a sock during a drunken stupor on a plane last week — but I can honestly say even my most inebriated self has never stolen a golf cart... let alone driven said pilfered buggy miles down the road to get a late night Big Mac.

Image: Anthony Rawson

That's exactly what a man has just been arrested for in Northamptonshire, though. According to the BBC, police stopped the buggy on the A45 at Daventry, picking up the drunken individual between 4-5 am. Apparently, he'd just visited a McDonald's "many miles" down the road.

Special Inspector Anthony Rawson has told the BBC the golf cart was stolen from a golf club near Towcester,  Northamptonshire. The individual who perpetrated the boozed up thievery has yet to be named, but he remains in custody.

The life lesson from this particular tale of inebriated woe? Don't drink so much... and definitely don't steal golf buggies, regardless of whether you're on the sauce or not. Also, I am the only one puzzled as to why that buggy has "thank you" balloons attached to its rear?