EE Offers Another Clue That The iPhone 8 Will Support Wireless Charging

By James O Malley on at

Oh, what's this in the Giz UK inbox?

EE has sent out a press release announcing that its shops are to start selling the Belkin Qi wireless charging pad. At £29.99, you simply sit your wireless charging phone on top of it, and it will power up your device - no need to plug in cables.

In addition, the company has announced that it is adding the charger and some other gadgets to its "add to plan" scheme, by which maniacs can choose to spread the cost of various accessories (like bluetooth speakers) over the length of their contract rather than pay all in one go.

Okay, so perhaps this is not the most exciting news but what's making us curious is why today - the 12th September 2017 - would EE suddenly decide to press release this? Why, given that wireless charging technology has been available for a few years would it decide that now is the time?

Could it be.... something to do with Apple's big iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) press event tonight? Could it be that the new phone(s) that are announced tonight will finally, finally support wireless charging?

In a canned quote on the press release, Sharon Meadows is quoted as saying: "We’re seeing an increasing growth in the number of customers wanting wireless charging solutions, and even more smartphones that support this feature, so we’re pleased to be introducing our most affordable offer yet."

Increasing growth? Really? What might cause a spike in the growth of devices that charge wirelessly? Maybe Tim Cook might be able to explain it tonight?