Fake Whales Stranded on Lincolnshire Beach

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a charity in the UK called British Divers Marine Life Rescue, and one of the things it does is train people with an interest in how to save the lives of big things that wash up on beaches. The living things, not the shipping containers full of motorbikes.

The most recent training event was held at Trusthorpe in Lincolnshire last weekend, where several massive rubber tubes were filled with water to simulate the weight of a beached whale. They also dumped some pretend dolphins on the shore too, then tasked a group of willing trainees with doing all the things you are supposed to do to help keep them alive and stop them exploding.

The largest fake whale has been modelled on a two tonne pilot whale and, if you have £90, a spare day, and the inclination to perhaps one day leap into action when a panicked swimmer asks the question "Does anybody know how to refloat a whale?" you too can be fully trained up by the BDMLR. [BBC]

Image credit: Lucy Parry, BBC Radio Lincolnshire 

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