Fast and Furious Live is Coming to an Arena Near You and It's Just as Crazy as It Sounds

By Kim Snaith on at

After eight Fast & Furious films, you're understandably a little bored of them. You enjoy the high-octane thrills, sure, but simply watching the action unfold on a flat TV screen isn't enough. You want to be there. You want the action to be real, right in front of your face. You want your eyebrows to get singed as a car's nitrous oxide spurts out of its exhaust into your general direction.

Well, now your most petrol-powered dreams can become a reality, as Fast & Furious Live has just been announced. Yes! Fast and Furious. But live. In an arena. With real cars and everything.

But what exactly does the show entail, you ask? Well, according to the website, "Fast & Furious Live lets you relive the most extreme action from some of the most outrageous moments in a groundbreaking area show". So you can expect cars doing stunts, and er, generally being fast and furious. Unfortunately there are none of the actors from the franchise — "the cars are the stars", the website helpfully tells us — but apparently Vin Diesel has filmed some exclusive footage for the show.

Fast & Furious Live will be touring Europe next year. Its UK legs start with London in January, and follows up with Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield in April and May. Tickets go on sale on 29th September. In the meantime, you can register your interest and be notified of any updates.