Finally There Is A Suitable Musical Tribute To Sir Clive Sinclair

By James O Malley on at

Sir Clive Sinclair is one of Britain's most legendary tech pioneers. In 1982, he created the ZX Spectrum - one of the first home computers and an important milestone in early gaming. Three years later, in 1985, he created the Sinclair C5 - a strange little battery-powered go-kart. It was, umm, slightly less successful - but it showed the scale of his ambitions.

To pay tribute to him - well, sort-of, anyway - check out the following song which reveals whatever happened to the Sinclair C6 - and many of Sir Clive's other inventions.

Okay, so perhaps The Ballad of Sir Clive Sinclair is slightly tongue-in-cheek. It was created by Paul "Mr Biffo" Rose for his utterly freakish new series, Mr Biffo's Found Footage. You can see the first episode here:

A new episode is being released every Sunday for the next few weeks. So if you're not utterly weirded out (and even if you are), we strongly recommend subscribing to his channel for more of the same.