Five Banksy Murals Sell For Over £3 Million

By Kim Snaith on at

A Middle Eastern buyer who wishes to remain anonymous has purchased five pieces of Banksy art totalling a whopping £3.2 million.

The murals are all from the streets of Liverpool, including the famous 'Liverpool Rat' that takes up the side of a derelict pub. The other four are Love Plane, Secured, Never Liked The Beatles and Love Rat.

Of course, since the five pieces of work plaster the sides of buildings, it's not a simple case of handing the works over. The plaster of the walls needs to be carefully stripped in order to keep the artwork intact, before being sealed with varnish. No easy feat, considering that the Liverpool Rat is over 40ft tall.

It's not clear what the massive murals will be used for, but the Middle Eastern buyer suggests they may be put on display. [BBC]

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