Forget the Viral Potential and Don't Photograph Terror Aftermaths, Say Police

By Gary Cutlack on at

The person who took the video of the steaming, half-detonated bomb in the discount supermarket shopping bag was being a bit silly, say police, who have reiterated advice to put your phone away and run if you're unfortunate enough to be caught in the vicinity of any terror attacks.

Although it would be amazingly tempting to take a photo of a man in a bulky coat swearing at the Nokia that's refusing to detonate the contents of his shopping bag or rucksack, just don't. Save yourself, that's the advice, and apparently even people who do really popular tweets get fed up with all the notifications anyway.

No, the actual reason is that it's dangerous, obviously. London's Met Police's deputy assistant commissioner Lucy D'Orsi explained: "We are particularly concerned when we see people -- young and old -- using their mobiles to film scenes when they should be moving away from the danger. Our research showed that many young people think filming would be a good thing to provide evidence for police. We must get them to understand that the priority must be their safety."

Even famous people who are a bit hard are saying it's best to run away and hide, and everything you do is recorded now anyway -- even your bored face is popping up on the screen of a Russian hacker who's leafing through hacked live webcam feeds -- so forget the likes potential and do your best Mo Farah impression. [Standard]