Citymapper To Launch A New London "Bus" Route That Uses Gett Taxis Instead Of Buses

By Kim Snaith on at

Gett Together, operated by Gett, has announced a partnership with Citymapper to make its service as effective as possible. If you're unfamiliar with it, Gett Together is a taxi service, but one that sees black cabs travel along fixed routes, and you just hop in and out anywhere along its path. So, er, a bit like a bus.

But Gett Together aims to be much faster, more pleasant and more convenient than bus travel. It already operates three routes in London currently starting in Ladbroke Grove, Clapham Junction and  Belsize Park, but its new partnership with Citymapper allows it to use a massive amount of data in order to plan out the most effective routes to get commuters where they need to be, quicker than ever.

The first new route, planned out by Citymapper and serviced by Gett, is known as 'BB1' and runs between Highbury and Islington, going through Angel, Farrington and Aldwych. It's been chosen as it serves popular locations yet has weak current public transport options. Gett quotes that a journey from Upper Street to Somerset House would take about 40 minutes on standard public transport, but using Gett Together it will only take 15.

To use Gett Together, you need to have the app on your smartphone. You can choose any pick-up and drop-off point along the line, and the company says the average waiting time for a pick-up is less than five minutes. No matter how far you travel, a ride costs £3. Not bad; let's face it, the comfort of a cab has got to beat having to stand up on a packed bus with someone's sweaty armpit right in your face.


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