Here's a Stupidly Large 4K TV You'll Never be Able to Buy

By Tom Pritchard on at

Big tech shows are a great place for tech companies to show off a bunch of outlandish shit that 99 per cent of consumers will never, ever be able to buy. Like this 120-inch 4K TV from Sharp, which it claims is the world's largest UHD LCD TV.

This is normally the point where I would list off a bunch of specifications and features, so that you the reader can decide whether to buy it for yourself. To be honest, that would be a waste of time, so I'm going to abuse my position to complain about stupid shit like this. I also didn't want to look at the price, since it's probably more than I pay on rent in six months.

A 120-inch display has rough dimensions of 59 x 105 inches (or just under 150 x 256 cm). That's bigger than my bed, and probably way too big for my flat - which is a reasonably-sized single-person dwelling.

It's also not like this is a brand new tech that has to be expensive and affordable for early adopters. Like this 85-inch 8K TV.

Nobody's going to be buying that anytime soon, but with 4K now affordable and widespread, TV makers have to move on. Yes. it's also absurdly large, but you can understand why it was built and put on show. Sharp wants people to know that it's thinking five or 10 years ahead.

If this 120-inch display were 8K I might be impressed, but there's no need to build a 120-inch TV with 4K. 4K TVs are old news, and they are all over the conference - which makes them boring. It's like showing off a 1080p TV and trying to make it seem like a big deal.