Hertfordshire Academics Discuss Game of Thrones Like it's Serious

By Gary Cutlack on at

Clever people from across the world are gathering at the University of Hertfordshire right now, as the uni's Game of Thrones conference rolls into day two.

Yes, that's right, everyone's being all serious about the TV tits fantasy, with several professors who've pivoted their boring old careers into being GoT scholars due to talk to attendees about their thoughts on the books and TV series.

Here's how seriously it's all being taken:

"This two-day conference will include contributions from international scholars addressing the series’ overwhelming success and provide scholarly insight into some of the most prominent themes including the representation of gender, motherhood, politics and power, death and trauma as well as explorations into its international popularity, the diversity of its fan base, its impact on heritage and tourism, transmedia, game play and world-building as well as the series’ historical backdrop."

Someone seems to have got the idea that it's a documentary. [University of Hertfordshire via BBC]

Image credit: Twitter

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