How to Watch Star Trek Discovery in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the day Star Trek returns to TV (sort of), after a gap of nearly 12 1/2 years. Star Trek Discovery debuted in the US last night, with a single episode airing on CBS and a second episode debuting on the network's All Access streaming service. But some of you might be wondering how you can watch it here in good ol' Blighty. Here's how.

Where and when can I watch it?

Unfortunately for traditionalists Star Trek will not be hitting any actual TV channels, free to air or otherwise. Instead it'll be airing on Netflix, with the streaming service promising each episode will debut less than 24 hours after they're available in the US.

Both episodes are available now, but until you can watch them in full enjoy this video of the series's opening credits:

Can I binge it?

Sadly not, because while Discovery is marketed as a 'Netflix Original' it wasn't made by Netflix. CBS, who did make it, will be releasing each episode in the traditional manner. In other words, you only get one episode a week.

The network will also be splitting Star Trek Discovery will be split into two parts because America is stupid and has an issue with running a series without interruptions. The first part runs until 6th November, with a total of eight episodes (including the two arriving today). The remaining seven episodes will arrive in January next year.

If you desperately need to binge-watch some tales from the final frontier, Netflix UK also has every other Trek series available to stream (including the crappy animated one), plus four of the 13 films.

So how much is this going to cost?

If you don't already have Netflix, the cheapest plan is £6 a month. That lets you watch content in standard definition on one device at a time. £7.49 a month lets you watch in HD on two devices at a time. £9 lets you watch certain shows in 4K on four screens at a time.

If those prices seem a bit high to you, you can split the cost with other people. Netflix lets you have up to four separate profiles, each with their own personal 'watch later' lists and recommendations. Just be aware that the more people you have, the more chance you all have of clashing. You also get a free month if you've never used it before.

So there you are, nice and simple. With new episodes arriving in a timely and convenient manner, you don't need to pirate it.


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