Ikea Allen Keys Have Another Use at Last

By Gary Cutlack on at

An artist has had one of those ideas they have again, with this one also conveniently forming the basis of an advert for a national furniture chain. Seriously, if you want to do art, make sure it can also be an advert, as that's where the money is. You won't get rich selling tin can art at local craft markets.

In this case the money for the art — and the 17,126 Ikea allen keys it required — has been sent in the direction of sculptor Jason Heppenstall, who created this lovely looking sculpture of an owl out of Ikea allen keys. Hopefully it will push up the aftermarket sales value of Ikea allen keys, as we've all got a few in that drawer in the kitchen. Dunno where he got the beak from, though, as Ikea doesn't usually hand out metal beaks.

Heppenstall's owl is promoting the fact that the new Sheffield Ikea opens this Thursday, news that's also being backed by a series of freebies being handed out across the city, which includes free Ikea hot dogs in the city centre today. [Campaign]

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