Ikea Takes Over Sheffield's Supertram

By Kim Snaith on at

If you've been anywhere near Yorkshire's steel city any time recently, you've probably noticed a giant blue and yellow monstrosity looming just outside of the city centre. That monstrosity would be Ikea. It's very hard to miss.

The Swedish lords of the flatpack are opening their newest store in Sheffield on 28th September, and just to make sure that nobody has missed it, the company has commandeered one of the city's Supertrams to give it something of a... makeover.

The Supertram, which runs right by the new furniture superstore, has been spruced up in style, with the usual boring blue seats being replaced with bold, gaudy patterns, and the industrial grey floor has been covered over with lush, patterned carpets.

While a giant name like Ikea doesn't really need much in the way of advertising, it's a novel approach to marketing — and a very nice, if only temporary, improvement to the tram.

Featured image: @CandiceMajewski

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