iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: All The UK Network Deals Announced So Far

By Kim Snaith on at

Unveiled earlier this week, the iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus will be available to buy from 22nd September. You can already preorder them from a number of retailers though — and if you're thinking of trading in your now-archaic iPhone 7, here are the deals that UK networks have announced so far.

O2's iPhone 8 Deals

If you're willing to cough up £190 upfront, the cheapest tariff you can get a 64GB iPhone 8 on will cost £43 a month, including unlimited minutes/texts but only 1GB of data.

In fact, even the most expensive tariffs will require you to pay a little upfront. Paying £160 will get you a £50 a month tariff that includes 5GB of data, or £30 upfront coupled with a £68 monthly fee will get you 30GB of data. If you'd rather have the 256GB model, there's an extra £6 a month on top of the tariffs. Arguably not a bad price for almost 200 gigabytes of extra space.

The cheapest tariff for a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, is £47 a month with an £190 upfront cost. That'll give you 1GB of data. If you want 10GB of data, it'll either cost you £130 upfront and then £58 a month, or £40 upfront and £62 a month. Again, the 256GB model will cost you £6 a month extra on top of whatever tariff you chose.

There's a few extras that O2 are including for certain customers, too. If you opt for one of the tariffs that include at least 20GB of data — which will cost at least £59 a month — you'll get a free screen replacement during your 24-month contract should you ever need it.

If you're an existing customer who upgrades to an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus and you opt for a tariff that includes 10GB of data or more, you'll get a free 10GB of data. So for the price of a 10GB plan, you can have 20GB.

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Vodafone's iPhone 8 Deals

Vodafone is offering a similar free data offer, but this isn't just for existing customers — anyone who opts for an 8GB or higher tariff will get 10GB of data free. If you pre-order your handset, you'll also get a free extended 24-month warranty.

Vodafone's cheapest tariff for an iPhone 8 64GB is £44 with a £150 upfront cost, giving you 500MB of data, or £48 a month with £70 upfront for 1GB. 4GB of data is £54 a month, with only £30 upfront, and Vodafone's biggest tariff, the Red Entertainment 60GB bundle, which gives you 60GB of data and a subscription to Sky Sports Mobile, Spotify Premium or Now TV for 24 months, is £72 a month plus £20 upfront.

The 256GB model prices vary quite a bit. The cheapest plan is considerably more, £52 a month with £200 upfront, for 1GB of data. However, if you opt for the Entertainment 60GB bundle, it'll only cost you £4 more a month — £76 — and an extra £10 upfront (£30).

For the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus, the cheapest tariff is £52 a month with £180 upfront, running all the way up to the 60GB Red Entertainment package for £76 a month and £30 up front. Strangely, if you opt for the 256GB model, the lowest tariff will cost you an extra £4 a month, but the upfront cost of the phone is cheaper — £150. The 60GB tariff will again, cost an extra £4 a month (£80), but with the same upfront fee of £30.

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Sky Mobile's iPhone 8 Deals

Sky might not be the first name you think of when it comes to mobile tariffs, but they actually have some of the best offers. Their packages include features we're not that used to having, such as unused data rolling over. The caveat here is that the standard tariffs only include unlimited calls and texts if you are an existing Sky customer — otherwise it'll cost you an extra £10 to add them on, but the 'Mix' feature of the plans means you can swap and change data allowances for calls/texts if you need them.

For a 64GB iPhone 8, the cheapest plan on Sky Mobile is £32 with nothing upfront. Yeah, I had to double-check I read that right too. It'll only get you 500MB of data, though. A 10GB plan will cost you £47 a month.

For the iPhone 8 Plus, the cheapest tariff is £37 (500GB), going up to £52 for the 10GB plan.

Any 24 month contract gives you the phone for free, but if you only want to be tied in for 12 months, there's a £99 upfront fee on both handsets. The 12-month contract for the iPhone 8 costs an extra £5 a month, and the Plus is an extra £7 a month.

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Virgin Mobile's iPhone 8 Deals

Like Sky, Virgin is also offering tariffs with no upfront costs. The cheapest iPhone 8 64GB here is £43 with 1.2GB of data (normally a 300MB plan that's been quadrupled), but this only comes with 300 minutes, so not ideal if you make a lot of calls. 4GB of data will cost you £46, and 40GB will cost £52.

Virgin also offer a 36-month contract, so if you want to tie yourself in for an extra year, you can get the monthly prices quite a bit lower — the 1.2 GB package will cost £29, and 4GB of data £32. But three years is a long time in the fast-shifting world of the iPhone.

The 256GB model of the iPhone 8 shares the same tariffs as the 64GB model, but costs an extra £7.50 a month.

If you'd rather opt for an iPhone 8 Plus, the 64GB model will cost £49 a month with 1.2 GB of data, going up to £58 a month for 40GB of data. This time, the 256GB model costs an extra £6 a month. Again, there's no upfront fee on the handset.

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EE's iPhone 8 Deals

If you'd rather go with EE, the cheapest plan you'll get for an iPhone 8 64GB will give you 1GB of data a month and will cost £48 with a £100 up front cost. An 8GB plan will cost £58 a month with a £50 upfront fee, and their highest plan is the 4GEE Max, with a crazy 100GB a month, that'll cost £68 a month with just £10 upfront.

The tariff prices for the 256GB model vary quite a bit: the cheapest tariff (2GB) will cost £53 but with an £180 cost upfront, while the 4GEE Max plan costs the same upfront — £10 — but an extra £10 a month (£78).

If you'd rather have an iPhone 8 Plus 64GB, the cheapest package (2GB) will cost you £53 with an £150 upfront cost, going up to the 100GB plan that'll cost £73 with a £10 upfront cost.

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Three's iPhone 8 Deals

Three's cheapest monthly tariff for a 64GB iPhone 8 is £42 which will get you 500MB of data, but that comes with a £100 upfront cost. 30GB of data will cost £60 a month with a £79 upfront payment, their exclusive all-you-can-eat, unlimited data plan, costs £77 a month with a £79 upfront cost.

The iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, starts at £47 a month with a £100 upfront fee for the basic, 500MB plan, going all the way up to £82 a month with £80 upfront for the all-you-can-eat plan.

The only tariff that Three offers with no upfront cost is the 100GB a month advanced plan, which costs £90 a month.

If you'd rather opt for the 256GB version of either iPhone 8 model, then all tariffs  have an extra £10 monthly fee added to them.

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iPhone 8 UK Network Deals Comparison

We've put together a handy chart that compares tariffs, based on a 64GB model of the iPhone 8. While Sky's packages do seem considerably cheaper, bear in mind that these only include free calls and texts if you're a Sky customer. The rest all include unlimited free texts and, besides Virgin's 1.2GB plan that only has 300 minutes, unlimited calls.

The Best iPhone 8 Deal Verdict

The best iPhone 8 deal depends on how much data you'll use. If you need a lot, EE's 100GB plan for £68 a month isn't bad — you'll also get 24 months free BT Sports with that, too.

For the average user though, Virgin is winning the race. Its current offers mean you can get a much higher amount of data for a lower price. 4GB is enough for most consumers, and for £46 a month with no upfront fee, it's not bad at all. But considering you can currently get 10x as much data for just an extra £6 a month, you'd be crazy not to go for that.

To sweeten the deal a little more, Virgin also offer data rollover, as well as all-you-can-eat data when it comes to using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, so the data you do have can be reserved for catching up with more important things (like your favourite Netflix show!)

Update 18/09: A previous version of this article said that calls and texts on Sky Mobile were only free to other Sky Mobile users. That is wrong: calls and texts are free with the prices stated for existing Sky customers. Customers without Sky TV/broadband can pay an extra £10 to include calls/texts in their tariff. The article has been updated to reflect this.