John Lewis Has an App for Talking to Tradesmen

By Gary Cutlack on at

John Lewis, the shop, is moving into home maintenance. This is great news for the likes of us, as it means we might finally be able to book a tradesman to fix something minor without having to use the phone and admit, verbally, to not being very handy with such things.

It's part of a service the retail giant calls Home Solutions, which offers a pre-screened list of local contractors to choose from, then lets users book a plumber, electrician, gardener or any other kind of useful man through a phone app without the nightmare of ringing a person on his mobile phone to explain what the problem is with the toilet, shower or door hinge.

The bad news is, this isn't exactly a national service yet. John Lewis is about to launch it in a few dense urban hotspots, with the cities of Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Taunton joining testbed Milton Keynes in having easy access to contractors. It should all be live for use from September 12. [Home Solutions via Guardian]