John Lewis Launches In-Store Sleepovers to Test the Beds

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're in the place in life where you shop at John Lewis -- congratulations. The process is about to get a lot easier too, as the chain has launched a series of in-store apartments where you can literally live the John Lewis dream.

The biggest stores in London, Liverpool and Cambridge are now kitted out with in-store living areas known as The Residence, where you're able to eat at a John Lewis table, using John Lewis cutlery and looking at John Lewis pictures on the wall, before retiring to a John Lewis bed. All the while being literally IN John Lewis. You may as well instruct staff to call you John Lewis as well.

If you like something so much you're able to buy it right there and then, plus fans looking for the ultimate being-a-posh-person experience can also book an after-hours shopping session in the rest of the department store once it's closed to the normals, as if you're Michael Jackson in Hamleys buying out the entire Sega Mega Drive section in 1993.

It's taking bookings for stays between September 16 and October 18. [Telegraph]

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