John Wick 3 is Happening, and it's Out in 2019

By Gizmodo Australia on at

The third chapter in the John Wick franchise has been confirmed. Start the clock: there's 20 months to go until we get more Keanu Reeves on-screen shredding.

International distributor Lionsgate has confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that the third movie will be the first to get a US summer release, a time usually reserved for big-budget flicks expected to make bank.

Collider makes the point that that the third Wick flick will come a fortnight after the new Avengers and a week before Minecraft and Aladdin — all quite different films, but all ones we're excited to see. Director Chad Stahelski said back in May that John Wick 3 was in the middle of writing, but hadn't been greenlit for production by a studio yet; it isn't clear who'll be directing just yet.

John Wick 3 will be out on 17th May 2019 internationally. [Hollywood Reporter]

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