Just Like its Predecessor, the Mini SNES Classic Can be Hacked

By Tom Pritchard on at

At the start of the year it was revealed that the miniature NES Classic could be hacked, meaning you could unlock the console and add other games. Now that the SNES Classic is making its way into the hands of people around the world, someone's discovered that it's also just as hackable.

It's not surprising really, since it turns out the hardware is almost exactly the same in both console.

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According to Reddit user SpongeFreak52, it's possible to hack the SNES Classic with the same software people used to unlock the mini NES. The software, called Hikchi 2, can be used without any additional tinkering:

"After playing a few games, I wanted to see how it would behave when thrown at Hakchi2. To my surprise (though I guess I shouldn't have been given the hardware similarities), it CAN have its kernel dumped and re-written with it with the current version."

He also tried to load a NES kernel to see what happened, but all it managed to do was make the power light blink. Fortunately reverting back to the SNES kernel was fairly simple.

And while you might think Nintendo wants to dissuade people from messing around with its hardware, someone anticipated that it would happen anyway. As SpongeFreak52 noted, there's a hidden message in the /etc directory in a file called 'nineties'.

Enjoy this Mini,

Disconnect from the present, and

Go back to the nineties.

[Reddit via TechRadar]

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